This after-school program costs at least $25,000 every year.

Building robots from scratch is not cheap or easy. There are a lot of expenses related to this program's participation. As such, each member is expected to help offset the cost of these fees, by raising funds themselves. Our student members reach out to various companies and organizations that are willing to sponsor us.

You can view a full breakdown of total robotics cost below.

Assets Robotics Team Waffles Sponsors
Mahalo to all of our sponsors for your help and support!

Becoming our Team Sponsor

Our robotics team and program exists thanks to the tireless effort of our adult volunteers, mentors, coaches, as well as the generous financial contributions of various individuals and businesses throughout the U.S. Our teams work to spread the names of our sponsors by putting business logos on the robot and team banners which we display at local events as well as competitions throughout the state. The logos of our sponsors will also appear on team apparel. 

Here's our Sponsorship Packet for potential sponsors to review.

Team Waffles and Assets School Robotics Program relies on the generous contributions of our sponsors list above. We also actively apply for grants and scholarships, as well as plan fundraising activities to sustain ourselves.


If you can't be our sponsor, personal donations to Assets School Robotics Program can also help cover our program expenses. Assets School is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the school collects donations on our behalf and all donations are tax-deductible.

Any amount is highly appreciated and will directly support our teams. 

For all sponsors & donations, please write a check payable to 'Assets School', memo: 'Robotics'.

You may also submit your donation directly at our Assets School Website: (Please direct to Robotics)

Want to become a team/program sponsor?
Contact us at

Supporting Sponsor – $100

Bronze Sponsor – $500

Silver Sponsor – $1,000

Gold Sponsor – $1,500

Platinum Sponsor – $3,000+

Program Cost Breakdown

The cost of our FRC Team

Click here to see FIRST's website about the FRC costs and registration fees.

The cost of our FTC Team

(*) Can be reused every season

Click here to see FIRST's website about the FTC costs and registration fees.

You can also check out our Amazon wish-list to support our great minds. Thank you for your support!