Here at Assets Robotics, the community comes FIRST.
We love spreading what we've learned with others.
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2023-2024 Season

FIRST Booth at the
2023 Okinawan Festival!

We are grateful to be working at the FIRST Robotics Booth at this year's Okinawan Festival with Hawaii FIRST Robotics! Thank you for the opportunity and we are so glad to being able to show young kids what robotics and FIRST is about. Throughout our shift, we were able to connect with about 4000 people!

FIRST Roboticcs Expo @ The Pearlridge Center 

Planned and organized by Team Waffles, our students partnered with Kalani High School's Team Magma and Aliiolani Elementary School's Team Mighty Ali'i to showcase Hawaii's FLL & FTC Programs. Throughout this one-day expo at Hawaii's largest enclosed shopping center, we were able to reach out to 2,400+ people on FIRST, FIRST Lego League, and FIRST Tech Challenge. We provided information on how to find a robotics team, and/or how to start a robotics team. 

FTC Robotic Exhibition at The Liliha Public Library

Over the summer of 2023, Team Waffles worked tirelessly creating multiple demo robots that could pick up various game elements from previous seasons such as scoring cones, stacking stones, and shooting rings. In July, we presented these robots we built at the Liliha Public Library to share our love of robotics with kids and their families. Our goal was to spread FIRST awareness and STEM in our community. 

2022-2023 Season

Connect with local libraries with STEM brochures

Throughout the months of January and February, we created STEM brochures, then visited a number of libraries and received approval to display the brochures we created to educate those interested in STEM. In the brochure, we discussed different robotics programs, gender statistics in STEM occupations, and the average income for STEM jobs as well as potential scholarships. Every library we visited welcomed our brochures and was happy to show/give to the public. We reached out to about 15 libraries and handed out over 300 brochures.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Hawaii Robotics Workshop

In November, We had a great opportunity to teach youth from Big Brothers Big Sisters Hawaii about STEM and robotics. Aren, Captain of Team MEAF, was able to reach out to BBBS Hawaii and plan a robotics workshop for the aim to build and code robots to inspire them to pursue a path in STEM. 

Team MEAF was able to present the values of STEM and how it can lead to a successful path. After the presentation, we spent 3 hours teaching kids aged from 10-16 how to build and program a basic robot and played a simple game we designed.

The Schools Of The Future Conference!

The Schools of the Future Conference is the largest of its nature in Hawai'i and serves as an opportunity for teachers and administrators, across Hawaii's public, private, and charter school educators and administrators to reflect upon how schools can better serve students. The conference is produced annually in partnership with the Hawai'i State Department of Education, the Hawai'i Association of Independent Schools, the Hawai'i Community Foundation and the Hawai'i Society for Technology in Education. Each year, thousands of educators gather to learn from each other.

This year, Team Waffles was again able to present at the Schools of the Future Conference. Our awesome students taught seven educators from across the state how to run a robotics program in hopes of expanding the STEM community in Hawaii. Congratulations to our phenomenal students for their service to the community and for representing Assets School so well!

Showcasing FTC Robotics at
the Okinawan Festival

In early September, our team had the incredible opportunity to have a booth at the Okinawan festival. Aren, Team MEAF's Captain, submitted a proposal to have a STEM booth at the event and we were able to get approved by the event organizers. 

The aim of this booth was to spread the word about FIRST and Robotics to the community and hope to get more people involved with STEM. 

Team MEAF created a robotic carnival-style game, with a twist of Okinawan culture. The goal is to control a robot to launch foam rings into a Shisa's mouth. Our students also provided information about Robotics and FIRST to teach the community more about STEM. Through this event, we were able to have over 1,000 people learn a bit about robotics and FIRST.

Teaching Lego Robotics at
Red Hill Elementary School!

While most students would spend their summer relaxing, Aren, Co-Captain of Team MEAF spent most of his summer giving back to the STEM community.

Aren spent 100+ hours teaching a group of elementary school students how to build and program Lego Robots! Team MEAF even decided to sponsor the upcoming rookie FIRST Lego League robotics team from Red Hill Elementary School in the 2022-2023 FLL season. 

Great job, Aren! We are all super proud of you.

During the summer of 2022 from June 6th through July 1st , Aren led a class of a bunch of dedicated students from Red Hill Elementary in a summer program. Students in this class were given the opportunity to be taught the basics of EV3 Lego robots and used their abilities to build and code their own Lego robots. They were taught with premade lessons designed to engage them in building their foundations for creative and critical thinking, and problem solving skills. Nearing the end of the session, the students were challenged to use the lessons they were taught and their creations to finally use them in an exciting competition against each other.

Representing FIRST at the Kaneohe Bay
Air Show

Reaching up to 100,000 people! 

We were able to let kids have fun driving robots, as well as giving out more information on all FIRST Robotics Programs to the public.

Presenting at Trellix on Robotics and
receiving a generous gift!

Our students from Assets High School - (from left) Emily, Kahea, Leilei and Kelli Ann - represented the Assets Robotics Program, which gave a 15-minute presentation and demonstration at cybersecurity company Trellix's Ko' OLina conference before more than 300 employees. 

The school received 20 Chromebooks from Girls Who Code in partnership with Trellix & Go Team Events. Pictured with the students is Trellix chief revenue office Adam Philpott (center).

Trellix and Go Team Events is also now sponsoring Team Waffles with the upcoming 2022-2023 FTC & FRC Robotics Season.

2021-2022 Season

Assets Robotics Mascot - Wall-A

Our Assets Robotics Mascot - Wall-A, was a fun project led by Mason Pimentel and Mitchell Kee Chong. It is a joint-team effort so that we can have fun while competing through the FTC robotics season this year, despite the difficulties of doing robotics throughout a pandemic. 

Nowadays, we use Wall-A during most of the events that we host or participate in. The kids love it!

2020-2021 Season

Medical Robot - The Queen's Medical Center and Queen's Health Systems

Owen, Chris, and William's medical robot presentation at Queen's Medical Center, 11/3, 2020.
(Photos/Video courtesy of the Queen's Medical Center)
Thank you to the Queen's Medical Center to this amazing opportunity, and for your generous donation to our Robotics program!

2019-2020 Season

Graduation Robot - GradRaffa

When COVID-19 pandemic hit the world in 2020, our high school graduation was one of the many things that changed. Team Waffles wanted to see what we could do to contribute for our seniors, especially our robotics seniors, to have as great an experience as possible, despite the social distancing requirements.

Our little invention made it to several local news, as well as a few national news. We are glad we are able to have fun and contribute to our school community with this little fun project.