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What is scouting?

Teams use different methods to record information about other Teams – paper, computer, tablets, etc. Use whatever method is most comfortable for your Team. Scouting is important to find out how you complement other Teams in your Alliance and how you Match up against your opponents. No matter how you record it, focus on information which will be useful to your Team when you meet your Alliance partners to discuss strategy.

Some possible areas to gather information include:

• CAPABILITIES – what can the Robot/Team do and what does it not do?

• STRATEGIES – what does the Robot/Team do during the Match? How does the Team play the game?

• PERFORMANCE – how well does the Robot/Team do what it attempts? What are the Robot’s strengths and weaknesses?

• AUTONOMOUS – what does the Robot do in autonomous mode? Does the Team have multiple program options?

The more data points you can collect on strategies and performance, the better understanding you will have of a given Team. Information on a Team’s capabilities can be obtained by visiting the Team in the Pit Area or watching Match play.

Here's a Scouting report Sample you can use as a reference.

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