Here are some examples of outreach projects that Assets School robotics students have created from before.

Graduation Bot - GradRaffa

Team Waffles built a robot that assists with delivering diplomas to practice social-distancing!
More information on our graduation bot can be found here.

Medical Robot - Queen's Medical Center

Owen, Chris, and William's medical robot presentation at Queen's Medical Center, 11/3, 2020.
(Photos/Video courtesy of the Queen's Medical Center)
Thank you to the Queen's Medical Center to this amazing opportunity, and for your generous donation to our Robotics program!

Assets Robotics Mascot - Wall-A

Our Assets Robotics Mascot - Wall-A, was a fun project led by Mason Pimentel and Mitchell Kee Chong that's more being used at most events we host/participate in. The kids love it!

Team Waffles worked with teams across the nation during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic to explore ways on participating in remote seasons effectively, such as teaching everyone a system for recording robotics games.

Team Waffles made an inventory of a 3D Printing library of some of the most useful and common pieces teams use ready to be 3D-printed, which can be found here.

Team Waffles presented at the School Of The Future Conference (SOTF) in 2020-2023 to expand STEM interest within the Hawaii Community.

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