Every season at the state championship, teams have to prepare for a presentation in front of the judges with the robot and their engineering notebook/portfolio.

Here's a perfect judge interview example

Here are some documents you may use to prepare for your judge interview.


1. Judges have your team roster.

They expect EVERYONE on your team to show up and talk at the interview.

2. Judges expect everyone on the team to have done something this season. 

(whether if it's robot engineering, programming, operating, fundraising, outreach) 

If you are still having a hard time giving out job duties, or not knowing what to do for your team, figure out ASAP why you are in robotics.

3. Judges know what they are doing.

They are all retired/current engineers, or computer programmers. They know exactly what FTC is. If you don't know the answer to a question, be honest.

4. Create a slide show/Google Slides. (or something fancier)

It's a good idea to create a presentation/slideshow to follow and assign slides so everyone says something.


Judges love it when you do more than just building a robot. If you haven't done any outreach projects, find something to do ASAP.

6. Document and show what you did!

You may have done a lot, but if you don't document it in your portfolio, or show it at the interview, no one knows or cares. Proper documentation is how you bring awards home. 

7. You only have 15 minutes to show and impress.

Judges will cut you off when your time is up. Practice your presentation as a whole team.

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