Buy Robot Parts (Mechanical & Electrical)

Tetrix parts, we mainly use those, including their motors, structures, etc.

25% off code: P22K5TX3 or visit here.

REV parts, we used those parts for linear slides, some structures, expansion hubs, etc. Most electronics and sensors must be bought from here.

GoBilda parts, Some of you are using their chassis.

AndyMark parts, we buy game pieces (like the arena) from here, but they also sell robot chassis and some other pretty cool stuff

ServoCity parts, If you are looking for motors and/or servos that provide a little more juice (stronger and faster), servocity might be your best bet.

Amazon & Others

Always check legal/illegal list before you buy anything to make sure that they are tournament legal!

Team Tshirts, Banners, and Flags

High Quality, doudle sided shirts. Easy to design and modify, friendly user interface, expensive, comes to about $25-$30 per shirt if only ordering around 10. Option to have each individual pay for their own tshirts once order is submitted.

Medium Quality, double sided shirts. Not too easy to design, must have premade photoshopped designed files, not so friendly user interface, less expensive, comes to about $15-$20 per shirt if only ordering around 10 (after shipping). Must pay together.

Go Local

Bulb blank tshirts for $3-4 per shirt, then print locally

This option should be cheaper, but requires us to work ourselves and get those tshirts printed ourselves.

Everything to Market Your Business. Absolutely Guaranteed! Graphic Design Services. Types: Business Cards, Postcards, Banners, Apparel, Labels & Stickers.

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