Here you will find a list of STL files we have compiled/created/collected that are useful for FTC Robotics.
Many of the files below are either converted from official PITSCO website, REV website, ServoCity website, or collected from our previous years of seasons. Only files/objects we have successfully printed are included here.

If you own any objects below and wish us to take it down, please email us and we will remove your copyrighted object upon request.

They are separated by TETRIX parts, REV parts, Actobotics parts, and other miscellaneous objects.
For assets robotics students, please see "Instruction on 3D Printing" so you know how to use our Ender 3 Printers.


REV Parts

Actobotics STL Files (ServoCity)

GoBilda Parts


Gamepad Holder


AndyMark Entrapption Star

Team Scoring Element Example