Initially an acronym for: “We’re All Friends, Friends who Love Each other, Sometimes”;

Now with the acronym dropped, we are Team Waffles, FTC #14825.

Team Waffles is a 5th-year FTC team from Assets High School in Honolulu, Hawaii.

FIRST Robotics experience on our team ranges from 4-year veterans to 1st-year newbies. Originally founded in 2018 when the Assets Robotics program first started, we are still going strong!

During our team’s rookie year in 2018, we won the "Finalist Alliance" Trophy.

A unique thing about our team is that we like to build robots for more than just the competition.
For example, when the pandemic first started,
we went viral across the nation for creating a robot to help deliver diplomas at our high school graduation.

We also enjoy giving presentations in front of large crowds. For the past two years, we’ve presented at the School Of The Future Conference (SOTF) with the goal of getting more teachers to have more insight into what a robotics program is about and hope to assist more schools with having a robotics program. We’re still actively involved in assisting other schools in starting such programs so we can expand the STEM community in our state. Last year, we built a ‘Wall-E’ robot using FTC parts that we regularly use to conduct outreach visits to elementary schools.
In 2022, our team also received the "Connect Award".