Engineering Notebook


6/11 - 8/7

Every other week, we have been organizing and planning for the season, both online and then in-person when school begun. In this time, the most significant things we have crossed are: the completion of our sponsorship packet, the recruiting of four new members, and the finalizing and ordering our team T-shirts.

After School Work

9/7 - First Day of After School Practice

Attendance: Aren, Carlos, Jordan, Kai, Kyle, Logan, Makani

Kyle and Jordan practiced and built a three-wheeled mini-bot with the help of Aren and Logan. Kai coded some of the movements with the help of Mr. Han and Makani. The three (Kai, Jordan, and Kyle) very quickly learned the basics.


Attendance: Aren, Carlos, Ezra, Jordan, Kai, Kyle, Logan, Makani

Makani was teaching Kai how to code the servos. Logan and Carlos sorted out the motors, servos, and electronics. We also coded our GoBilda robot, which is our main robot for the season, with the POV controller. Kai, Jordan, and Kyle completed their mini-bot and practiced driving for the first time. Kyle and Jordan especially practiced maneuvering the mini-bot to carefully pick up and put back a hung ring.


Aren, Carlos, Kai, Kyle, Jordan, Logan, Makani

Jordan and Kyle disassembled their robot. Kai coded the robot to move side to side and eliminated the slide of the robot’s movement. That made it easier to drive because of the highly increased accuracy.


Aren, Jordan, Kai, Kamalu, Logan, Makani, Savannah

We vertically assembled four bars onto the chassis of our robot.


Aren, Carlos, Ellis, Ezra, Jordan, Kai, Kamalu, Kyle, Logan, Makani, Savannah

We were moving equipment and supplies from Damon Hall to Mr. Hans room. Due to COVID restrictions, we moved out of Damon Hall (our usual robotics home) and relocated into the other robotics room up the hill. We’ve tidied and rearranged the room to accompany our team’s needs. Included are the power tools, chargers, carts that we put together, and more. A loose wheel has also been tightened.


Aren, Carlos, Ellis, Ezra, Jordan, Kai, Kamalu, Kyle, Logan, Makani, Savannah

We received our T-shirts and took both of our individual and group photos. After, we fixed an unevenness in our robot. It turned out, it was due to the plexiglass sheet on the underside, which forced the metal to bend.


Aren, Carlos, Jordan, Logan, Makani

We spent the majority of the time building the linear slides since the rest of the parts came today. Makani and Aren split time with us and the freshman team.