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Where you'll find some videos and other fun things.

2021-2022 FTC Season Freight Frenzy

Jordan and Kyle during the first afterschool robotics session.

Portraits of Makani and Carlos

The drivers, Logan and Jordan

Preparing to present our Judge's Interview

2020-2021 FTC Season Ultimate Goal


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This is our upgraded autonomous for zone A. It can now pick up the second wobble goal to get an additional 15 points.

Mason's "invention". It was used to sand things down a lot quicker than if you were to do it the traditional way manually. It's made up of a wheel with sandpaper taped around it attatched to a drill.

"The stupidest thing I've seen that actually works."

~ Aren

This particular piece was there when we didn't need it, but when we did need it, we really needed it, and it was usually never there to be found. These pieces were a relief when found, hence the name. We've only called it that once or twice outloud, but this stands as a nice reminder.

For most of the time, our intake system was so grueling and fustrating, if only it was all a dream...