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Robotics Team Presents, Receives Gift

Our students from Assets High School - (from left) Emily, Kahea, Leilei and Kelli Ann - represented both Assets Robotics Teams, which gave a 15-minute presentation and demonstration at cybersecurity company Trellix's Ko' OLina conference before more than 300 employees.

The school received 25 Chromebooks, power drills, 3D printer filaments and other materials from Girls Who Code in partnership with Trellix. Pictured with the students is Trellix chief revenue office Adam Philpott (center).

Trellix is also now sponsoring Team Waffles with the upcoming 2022-2023 FTC & FRC Robotics Season.

Team Waffles receiving the Connect Award for 2021-2022 FTC Season.

Assets Robotics Mascot - Wall-A

Our Assets Robotics Mascot - Wall-A, was a fun project led by Mason Pimentel and Mitchell Kee Chong. It is a joint-team effort so that we can have fun while competing through the FTC robotics season this year, despite the difficulties of doing robotics throughout a pandemic.

Nowadays, we use Wall-A during most of the events that we host or participate in. The kids love it!

Medical Robot - The Queen's Medical Center and Queen's Health Systems

Owen, Chris, and William's medical robot presentation at Queen's Medical Center, 11/3, 2020.
(Photos/Video courtesy of the Queen's Medical Center)
Thank you to the Queen's Medical Center to this amazing opportunity, and for your generous donation to our Robotics program!

Graduation Bot - GradRaffa

We built a robot that assists with delivering diplomas to practice social-distancing!
More information on our graduation bot can be found

2020 School Of The Future Conference

Congratulations to Mairi, Fay, and Chloe for a successful School of The Future Presentation! Your presentation on guiding teachers across the state to start a Robotics program at their schools is exactly what we need to increase STEM awareness in Hawaii.