Founded in 2018 by a handful of motivated students and a willing teacher who shared a common mission: to provide a better future for the student and community, we are now a locally & nationally recognized program that actively extends our reach into the local, national, and worldwide STEM communities. To us students, it's not just building robots. It's passing on knowledge and opportunities to the members of our community. 

Here at Assets Robotics, the community comes FIRST. As of August 2022, 43 students have graduated as Robotics participants with the majority pursuing STEM degrees post-high school.

Currently, in the 2022-2023 Academic Year & season, we have one FIRST Lego League (FLL) Team, two active FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Teams, and one FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team. You can find out more details about the different  FIRST robotics Programs below.

Our robotics teams are built like small businesses, with different students focusing on different aspects of a robotics team. There are Robot Engineers who are in charge of designing and building the robots; Robot programmers who code the robots; Business managers who actively look for funding opportunities for the team; and Outreach Projects Managers that plan events and activities to reach out to local and national STEM communities. 

Throughout Robotics, we have opportunities to do computer-aided design, fabrication, software, and publication work; as well as how a business is run. Most importantly, we learn many life skills such as teamwork and problem-solving. 


Assets School Mission Statement
The mission of Assets School is to serve gifted and capable students, specializing in those with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences. Complemented by outreach and training, we provide a strength-based program that empowers students to become effective learners and confident self-advocates.
FIRST Robotics Mission Statement
The mission of FIRST® is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders and innovators, by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering, and technology skills, inspire innovation, and foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.